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Welcome to Stefan Tengblad’s personal homepage. Stefan Tengblad is a Swedish management scholar and professor of Business Administration at University of Skövde (Högskolan i Skövde).

On this website you find information about current research activities and get access to PDF files.  Some of the resources are in English and some in Swedish.

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Latest news

Latest news

Current research

New article about quality in elderly care

In Socialmedicinsk Tidskrift No 2, 2016, I present the article “Brukarorientering och nöjdhet i svensk äldreomsorg (User orientation and satisfaction in Swedish elderly care) together with my colleagues Ali Kazemi and Petri Kajonius. This article is a summary of a...

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Community interaction

New book about medarbetarskap

In the end of the year I will publish the book Medarbetarskap: Vad är det som får folk att ta ansvar och intitiativ? (Followership, What makes people to take responsibility and initiative?) together with my co-authors Johan Velten and Runar Heggen from Norway. The...

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Digital resources

Metaphors as tools for ideological control

My first journal article was published in 2002 in Nordiske Organisajonsstudier together with Peter Dobers. It is, I believe, a rather cute article in Swedish about an effort to influence employee attitudes and beliefs in the cooperative retailing. The title is...

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